sábado, 8 de abril de 2017

My Friends Party

    My friends party was a blast, it was an amazing race party. You picked a clue and went around doing tasks. It started with a coin search. (You pick someone in your team and they stick their hand in a bowl, inside was spaghetti and row eggs. Under all that was coins and you had to find the one with the birthday girls birth year while being blindfolded. My team,  the red team, was the first to find it, my friend just accidentally grabbed the right one.    

    The next clue was really easy and the destination was at my school's play ground. Our task was to make a marshmallow thrower and than get three marshmallows in a bin on top of a team mates head. Because I was the smallest in my group they made ME put the bin on my head. By the time we were finished, the other team had already gone to the next destination: the mall. At the mall we did fun tasks, like asking strangers their autographs and go up the escalator on the wrong side. Then we  went to our next location 7-11. There we had to buy a small Slurpee and drink it all. 
    Finally we finished and went to a Japanese restaurant and had to sample some foods. By the time the food came the other team was already at the pizzeria, we lost but it was still very fun. I had lots of fun.

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