sábado, 8 de abril de 2017

My Friends Party

    My friends party was a blast, it was an amazing race party. You picked a clue and went around doing tasks. It started with a coin search. (You pick someone in your team and they stick their hand in a bowl, inside was spaghetti and row eggs. Under all that was coins and you had to find the one with the birthday girls birth year while being blindfolded. My team,  the red team, was the first to find it, my friend just accidentally grabbed the right one.    

    The next clue was really easy and the destination was at my school's play ground. Our task was to make a marshmallow thrower and than get three marshmallows in a bin on top of a team mates head. Because I was the smallest in my group they made ME put the bin on my head. By the time we were finished, the other team had already gone to the next destination: the mall. At the mall we did fun tasks, like asking strangers their autographs and go up the escalator on the wrong side. Then we  went to our next location 7-11. There we had to buy a small Slurpee and drink it all. 
    Finally we finished and went to a Japanese restaurant and had to sample some foods. By the time the food came the other team was already at the pizzeria, we lost but it was still very fun. I had lots of fun.

terça-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2015

my silly story

Once upon a time there was a girl named Lola. Lola loved junk. One day her mom took her to the doctor. The doctor told her that she was toooooo fat. He also told her that she had to give junk up. When the appointment was done, her mom had a talk with the doctor. Lola heard the doctor say that she is so so fat, soon she would  blow up. The next few days Lola ate healthy food. She hod no sweets for two years. Two days after her birthday she was sitting on the tolit and sh fell in. But because she was so fat she got stuck. The next few days she ate sweets inside the tolit. The teachers had to come in the bathroom to teach lola. It was crazy. One day the tolit BROKE IN TWO and she went flying to space. While she was in space she went space fishing and learned space language. It went something like this jujika monam corana hasty. That means I was stuck in the tolit. after 14 days her parentes came to save her. The problem was that she waas so fat that she did not fit in the door. so her parentes had to break the door and a little bit of the wall for lola to be able to come in. After 8 more years she fell in the tolit again and was stuck for 12 more years. Then the tolit broke in two and she went flying to mars. When she landed she blow up and was never seen again.
ps. she exploded and her dead body went flying to Earth.
pss.it went fling to africa and then back to her home.

                                                          The End

segunda-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2015

my new school

My new school is very fun. I moved there because my old school was a disaster.

At my new school I made friends right away. I go walking to school every day because it is right in front of my house.

At my new school we have pizza lunch every Friday and if it is a p.a day on Friday,  then we have it on thursdays. Some fridays we go skating.

We have lots of fun!

Every thursday  the school has toonie treat. How it goes is: you bring in a tonnie. In the winter you get popcorn and in the summer, spring and fall you get frozen yogurt.


quinta-feira, 9 de outubro de 2014


Hi today I am going to show you how to play prodigy. So 1st thing you want to do is go to a new tab and write prodigy. Then you want to click play prodigy. next you have to create your wizerd so you get to name your wizerd then you pick her\him hair color what he\ she is going to wear and there eyecolor. Next you want to do is you need to say what  contry you live in whats your name what grade are you in and some other things about you. then you will see a username aand password you copy it in a paper so you can go to that accont another time. Then there is a I think he is a rabit so when you just start the game there is this rabit he helps you for when you fight the first and seccond time. So after that you can fight as much as you want if you do not want to fight then theres no point of playing because that is the hole point of prodigy. After that you can turn your computer or tablet or what ever you where playing prodigy with off and then you can put your old accont back and play it as  much a  you want. You can also make other acconts maby 3 4 or maby more.

quarta-feira, 8 de outubro de 2014

Spooky eyeball cake

WARNING  dont do this at home.
8 eyeballs, electric mixer, 1 cup of butter, scream chocolate (always screams), 3 eggs, 1 bottle of sticky micky,  6 teaspoons of flour, 2 teaspoons of cake mix.
how to make it
first put 1 cup of butter in the bowl. Then put the skream chocolate in the bowl. Next mix the butter and the skream chocolate with the eletric mixer. After that put the 3 eggs, 1 bottle of  sticky micky and the 6 teaspoons of flour inside the bowl. then mix it again with the eletric mixer. Finally put the 2 teaspoons of cake mix inside the bowl and then mix it all together with the eletric mixer. The last step is put it in the cake pan and then put it in the oven and wait 1 or 2 hours.The last last last step is take it out and put the 8 eyeballs on the top of the cake and thats how you make the eyeball cake.

Me and Luisa

Luisa is my sister. I love playing with her. The games we love to play is lego, family, sometimes doctor, school and sometimes library. That’s what we love playing but we like playing other things too. We love playing in the pool together and we love playing together in the basement. We share rooms.Our room is light pink in the sides and dark pink in the back.  We love pretending to be princess. I LOVE MY SISTER LUISA.

terça-feira, 7 de outubro de 2014


Blue is my dog he is very cute. He was named after a bue bird that was called blue in the movie rio. He used to have a red collar but now he has a blue one. He is 2 years old but he looks like he is older than that. He is  golden retriever, he is  golden,wight and mostly in his paws it is yellow. He has a cute black nose and brown eyes. He loves to play outside and he has very long claws. He also loves to eat  when he was like 1 years old he used to go to my bed and to sleep  that is what my mom told me I  trust her. Once he ate half of a chocolate cake and once he ate some chicken so we couldnt eat them for lunch at school. He likes people more than dogs. I think he is the best dog ever and every one would want to have a dog like him.I love my dog blue.